MEDICINE WHEEL OVERLOOKING SEDONA - The tremendous power of natural healing and rejuvenation sites in this area is easily absorbed by those visiting for backpacking, spiritual journeys and/or golf. Home of many Native Americans well over ten thousand years ago, you should plan to stay a while once you've found your way to this spot; this is truly one of the spiritual centres of this continent, the central one is The Grand Canyon. Historically you can begin tracking the tragic 'Trail Of Tears' ~ natural residents were forced from this area to artificial 'reservation' environments in 1875.

CANYON DE CHELLY NATIONAL MONUMENT, ARIZONA - An ancient belief this is, 'where the water comes out of the rock,' thus one of the most important ceremonial sites for Native Americans. Writing and symbols in excellent condition on sandstone columns and cliffs a thousand feet high. Hopi and Navajo believe this is where the Holy Ones instructed people how to live together with Mother Earth using medicine rituals. Legends at every turn, this canyon will capture your imagination so bring plenty of film!

BETATAKIN NAVAJO MONUMENT, Northwest of Canyon de Chelly - Betatakin from the Navajo 'lodge house' ~ one of source for modern day architectural 'earth ships', fulfilling wishes and respecting needs of people and nature in this inspirational blend. Constructed under solid rock overhang on a narrow ledge these dwellings are over 800 feet above the Canyon floor. Permission from State of Arizona required to enter and explore interiors of these homes.


MUIR WOODS (see picture below) - The Primary Path wends its way past the Visitor Center just inside the gate. Stay on the main walkway as it passes that Visitor Center exit to the right. Several paces on down will bring you into a worthwhile power space (to the right, about 40 - 50 feet past the fence). You will feel it ahead of time, but dowse for your exact center - there is a feminine vortex, close to it 3 crossing water lines. About a mile further down there are some "off path" sites as well you can enjoy. Bring a camera and sunscreen - you may decide to stay a while!

Power Locations of San Francisco: Seven Ancient Hills

Below is the list of the seven temples in the City of San Francisco, site of an ancient Atlantean city.

If you're going to San Francisco, bring your rods and pendulum! Tlamco, the temple city of seven hills which marked the orbits and diameters of the planets while also forming a map of the Pleiades, is modern day San Francisco. Following locations of the original temples are based on the book, YERMAH THE DORADO:

TEMPLE OF THE SUN: Intersection Haight @ Shraeder Streets
TEMPLE OF JUPITER: Lone Mountain (Campus of USF) now there. Site once an observatory.
TEMPLE OF VENUS: Vacinity of Alamo Park (overlooking SF)
TEMPLE OF MARS: Southwest of Lone Mountain
TEMPLE OF SATURN: Buena Vista Park, facing Corona Heights
TEMPLE OF URANUS: Edge of SF Presidio, upper end of Mountain Lake
TEMPLE OF NEPTUNE: Golden Gate Park, Strawberry Hill

Over looking the Golden Gate from the Presidio are three hills understood to symbolize and end of the Bridge of Kinvat; the etheric bridge extending from the star Sirius to earth.

WINCHESTER MYSTERY HOUSE (see picture below) - Victorian home, designed and built by Winchester Rifle heiress Sarah Winchester, will interest dowsers and interior designers alike. Construction was maintained 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for over 38 consecutive years at a total cost of 5.5 Million dollars. She received all her instructions for building plans in the seance room, although the central point of power within the whole house is her bedroom, where she was trapped during the 1906 Earthquake. Legend has it that a psychic advised the most propitious way to quiet the spirits of all those who fell because of the Winchester Rifle, was to continue estate construction nonstop without ever completing it.

Take I-280 to San Jose. Take Winchester Blvd. exit (near intersecting Hwy. 17). Specific directions: (408) 247-2000, 525 South Winchester Boulevard, SJ CA 95128


Location: Rocky Mountain National Park (East area) BACKPACKER describes this power site as "small, almost indistinct peak; evidence of more than 3,000 years of vision quest activity".

There are several sites in Colorado claiming "healing waters", for a variety of reasons. The Ute warriors repaired to these hot waters for centuries. Today the chants and drums of ancient rites performed there are sometimes heard by visitors who go to the more modern pools provided for the general public. Another magical healing resort is MEDICINE FOUNTAINS, today known as MANITOU SPRINGS, that rests at the foot of Pikes Peak. Minerals are so prevalent in these restorative fountains and pools they can be recognized by taste.


MYSTERY HILL, North of Salem, Southeastern NH
The USA Stonehenge is the mystical astronomical site located near the State’s southern boarder line. This powerful site has been dated to the ancient Celtic period by various inscriptions, aligned stones in keeping with the movements of Moon and Sun through the heavens (matched to the dates in Celtic Calendar). The megalith stones almost identical to the structuring style of Stonehenge in England. There are 22 huge stones, weighing tons, the Oracle Chamber, a deep crystalline reserve, and many other features making these ruins well worth your effort to visit there.


houses the deepest lake in North America, with perhaps the purest water in the world. Over 1,300 ft the Klamath Indians hold Wizard Island to be the seat of power of The Spirit Chief guardian of the portal through which pass spirits entering and leaving the mortal world. Serene and still highly charged, the experience is reminiscent of a vision of The White Tara (Savioress) seated on a golden lotus.


(Lakota name: Mato Pah) is the historical meeting place of Native American council for Crazy Horse. His spiritual messages and visions were received and healings were celebrated at location near the eastern meadow known as Teaching Hill. Rugged country.


BRYCE CANYON NATIONAL PARK, located in south-central Utah, uppermost point of The Grand Staircase. Visual time machine of geographical steps in development of this region, is literally splendor in stone. From Pink Cliffs that form Bryce to the north rim of The Grand Canyon, Kaibab Plateau, there are multi-dimensional formations to rock your spirit and your mind.
NEWSPAPER ROCK (see picture below) in Newspaper Rock State Park, off Highway 211. Southeastern Utah road map highly recommended; ask Triple A for a copy of contact Utah Travel Council, Capitol Hill, Salt Lake City, UT 04114 online or by mail

Southest Utah holds some of the most mystical, other worldly sites, stretching beyond time and into other dimensions. The Needles area particularly, should not be missed. Go to the Needles District of the Canyonlands; vehicles should be FWD and remember your CB radio as few roads are maintained. Back packers dreamland, and remember your rods, you'll have plenty of opportunity to use them.



The line of power that extends from Capitol Hill runs directly through the Lincoln Memorial. This is YANG energy, hot, physically empowering. Take time to walk the whole stretch of this awesome path; you'll have the energy!

The whole Arlington Area, starting at the bridge and walking across the Potomac River and through this National Cemetery, leaves a tingling sensation even in your bone marrow. Certainly one of the most mystical and inspiring National Landmarks, this entire area is unforgettable. Give yourself the afternoon for unique discovery.



On the Guyandotte River, near Huntington, between Beech Fork State Park and Milton, you will enjoy an extremely powerful energy site. Access from I 64. Turn off HWY @ Exit 20. Other attractions include Game Preserves, White Waters, Convention Center (Huntington). Two world renown manufacturers of cranberry, cameo and stained glass (St. Patrick's Cathedral, NY) are at this location.


Southeastern Wisconsin From West Bend, WI go northeast on Route 144 and follow the signs. Park closed from November 15 to April 15

Thirty-one effigy mounds depicting animal and geometric shapes, this mystical site is renown as the most significant effigy site on the face of North America. Used as burial mounds; each individual burial place depicting the vital organs of the power animal that had protected and guided that individual during the course of the incarnation.

Southeastern Wisconsin I-94 between Milwaukee and Madison guides you to the Lake Mills exit; take Water Street leaving town and follow signs to the park.

Ancient city where the scholars and philosophers of the day (best guess last occupation began around 1100 A. D.) gathered to build their own "research library in progress". These remains are evidence of the extraordinary capital, including Pyramids of the Sun and Moon, conical mounds and an incredible three mile stone aqueduct to Rock Lake (additionally important as a power site).


Mt. Shasta-California

Mt. Everest

Muir Woods-California

John Muir Exhibit

Winchester Mystery House-California

Butterfly Dance
1935, San Ildefonso Pueblo, N.M.

Temple of Dendur
Located at The Metropolitan Museum of Art - N.Y.

Utah Power Site

Tor Burr - Summer

Tor Burr - Winter


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